Selection of scientific research is to select a path full of thorns, but the path end is very sweet fruits. Go to the end of the road is a great success because of what you gained along the way is priceless things that you can’t find anywhere else. So what are these benefits?

First, by participating in scientific research, the students more or less have to equip themselves with knowledge of analytical, methodological knowledge which isn’t studied at university. With this process you also better understand the practical aspects of the studying profession. Also, you can make the ambition to contribute to the local and country, contributing to the treasury of human knowledge.

Second, learn must go along with practice. This knowledge little or more help students to better understand the subjects which they are learning in the classroom. In the period of research inquiry, students not only equip research capacity, but also help students discover and fill the knowledge gaps.

Third, the lessons drawn from the study. That is the lesson of self-reliance, how to work with others, the ability to analyze, synthesize and solve problems and difficulties in the study process. And above all, you have passed yourself test and other temptation to go to the destination.

Fourth, it was invaluable experience for you later when writing reports in graduate or thesis which is higher than a master thesis, doctoral dissertation.

Translated by EEM-RG