Wetland Roofs, a versatile and innovative type of green roof with a high potential for roof top gardens.

A wetland roof is a special type of extensive green roof. A roof is evenly planted with wetland or marsh plants which will be regularly irrigated on a daily basis. Besides the aesthetic aspect, this particular type of roof may also offer significant functional advantages.

A wetland roof is an energy saving air-conditioning system with numerous particular ecological functions which offer promising advantages especially for large urban areas like megacities.


  • Compensation of temperature amplitudes (of the roof skin, of the building, of the ambient microclimate)
  • Stormwater discharge reduction
  • Increase in durability of the roof
  • Reduction of energy consumption for technical air-conditioning
  • Improvement of the microclimate and contribution to the prevention of an overheating of urban conglomerates during the summer months (hot spots)
  • Filtration of dust emissions and of other air polluting compounds
  • Possible design as a roof top garden (flat roof) with a highly aesthetic appearance
  • Possible use as a roof top sewage treatment plant (treatment wetlands) both for municipal or industrial wastewater.

Wetland roofs are a model of low-cost, low-maintenance, functional and ecological green roof application.

Source: Blumberg Environmental Planning & Design Co.